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Project management

Our project managers have high financial skills, management skills, and technical experience. We carry out project management in both projects and subprojects.

Industrial automation solutions

In order to create the electricity supply network and carry out its overhaul, it is first necessary to prepare a detailed project. In accordance with current requirements and regulations, the project documentation package should include information on the wiring location, meters, RCDs, electrical switchboards and other integral system installation locations. If you are planning to connect the object to a power source or to overhaul an existing network, we recommend that you contact us for assistance.

  • Modernization of production
  • Task design and solution design
  • Factory relocation projects
  • PLC, PCS7 and SCADA programming
  • Complex industrial automation solutions

Electrical work

VOLTSY OÜ handles all the duty of duty in fulfilling all orders and performs all the planned work no later than the deadlines prescribed in the contract. We use only the best equipment and consumables to create electricity networks, which ensures the quality of the end result and safety for users. All stages of work, from project preparation to commissioning of ready-made systems, are carried out under autonomous supervision without deviating from existing technologies. You can be sure of our professionalism today. Contact us first if necessary and we will help you to carry out all the planned work with minimal time and financial costs.

  • A full range of professional services at affordable prices
  • Individual approach to the order and short deadlines for its implementation
  • Preparation and coordination of project documentation
  • Installation and repair of power supplies of any complexity
  • Connection and commissioning of each electrical device
  • Running service


VOLTSY OÜ has long-term experience in the design, construction and maintenance of copper, fiber optic, radio and mobile communication networks. Multi-component installations used for data transmission and enabling any type of object to be operated at maximum efficiency. Creating such networks is a rather complex process that can be quickly handled by experienced professionals without deviating from existing standards. If you are planning to install or repair communication networks, please contact us for this purpose. Experienced specialists who know their field provide the following services on a daily basis with modern tools:

  • Communication sewerage construction work
  • Communication cable installation work
  • Overhead line construction work
  • Measurement of communication cables
  • We maintain and eliminate communication network failures
  • Development of WiFi networks
  • We design and perform land use legalization operations