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VOLTSY is an engineering company providing services in energy infrastructure projects.

We offer services in construction, testing, design, and project management. Our employees have different areas of competence and have long-term experience in the field of electricity. Our engineers have been involved in many projects around the world.
With our deep business knowledge, technical excellence, and ability to innovate, we ensure that we offer optimal solutions and results to our customers.


Our services

Industrial automation

Task design and solution design, PLC, PCS7 and SCADA programming, production modernization, factory relocation projects, complex industrial automation solutions.

Project management

Our project managers have high financial skills, management skills and technical experience. We carry out project management in both projects and subprojects.


VOLTSY OÜ has long-term experience in the design, construction, and maintenance of copper, fiber optic, radio, and mobile communication networks.


Electrical work

In the course of our active work, we have been able to implement a large number of projects with varying degrees of difficulty, and today we can also help you carry out complex electrical work using an optimally safe and convenient electricity network for many years.



Järva rural municipality government

Implementation of the WiFi4EU project and installation of equipment with the creation of the necessary infrastructure, 2020.


2,500m Fiber optic cable installation for VKG Kaevanduse, 2020.

Enefit AS

Design of automation of Enefit 140 reactors 1; 2 oil cooling system together with the necessary piping project, 2020.

Green Fuel Nordic Lieksa Oy Pyrolysis plant construction

Green Fuel Nordic Lieksa Oy

Green Fuel Nordic Lieksa Oy Pyrolysis plant construction, 2020.

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Making sure that even the smallest service is looked at in detail every minute. Our focus is 100% on customer needs and their satisfaction.

At VOLTSY, quality work is integrated into our processes and way of working. This is a natural part of everyday activities. VOLTSY’s quality work is characterized by simplicity, continuous improvement, and systematic feedback from experience. The work is carried out with a high level of employee participation and we fully understand the benefits of quality work. We always deliver and install newer and certified products to the customer.
We are creators for whom you can be sure that you will get the perfect solution to all your expectations.


We deliver quality products, systems and services on time so that they meet or even exceed customer expectations.

Through feedback from the experiences of employees, customers and other stakeholders, continuous improvement of our processes is created.

Based on our experience, we develop a standardized working method with proven and efficient solutions, processes and platforms.

We are a learning organization where the skills and conditions of employees are ensured through training and feedback through experience.

By sharing each other's experiences, we create systematic learning in daily life from supplier to customer. We operate within the framework of laws and international conventions.

We respect and comply with competition rules, environmental laws, labor laws and contracts, safety requirements and other regulations that set the framework for our operations.

We do this with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders involved in projects.

Our quality work at VOLTSY is related to other areas, such as the work environment and the environment, and sustainability.


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